Polyurethane Supplementary Products


Two-component epoxy resin based dustproof consolidating agent and primer in water dispersion used as a primer when laying synthetic acrylic type coverings on cement decks. The deck should be carefully roughed mechanically or treated with acid then washed and allowed to dry, before applying Epobase. A roller or spray gun in a thin perfectly smooth coating ensures that the product penetrates thoroughly into the surface. Coverage depends on the roughness and absorbing properties of the deck but is generally approx. 200 ml/sq.m.


A solvent based two-component epoxy primer, which is highly penetrating thanks to its low viscosity. Epobase S is ideal as a primer coating for synthetic sports surfaces applied on decks, which even after roughing are only slightly porous or impermeable. Coverage depends strongly on the characteristics of the deck and may vary from 100 to 200 ml/sq.m.