Polyurethane resin sports surfaces are highly resistant and ensure outstanding performance. These characteristics are guaranteed by the fact that Casali Sports polyurethane flooring is made of high-quality materials that have different thicknesses and levels of elasticity, depending on the flooring to be laid. The absence of joints (seamless), added to simple and inexpensive retopping of damaged flooring; make Casali Sports polyurethane flooring the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor sports surfaces. The flooring is available in a wide range of colours that are not only attractive but also make it possible to mark out specific playing areas clearly. The quality of Casali Sports polyurethane flooring is recognised by the most prestigious certification entities and international Sports Federations.

Pavisint SL 75

The safe and versatile Pavisint SL 75 system is designed primarily for indoor sports clubs and multipurpose gyms.

Pavisint SL 75 GYM

Pavisint SL 75 GYM is a combined flooring system, featuring a very thick rubber mat coated with polyurethane resins that…

Pavisint SL 75 RW

The Pavisint SL 75 RW system combines the elasticity and comfort of a multi-purpose surface, characterised by a rubber deck…..

Pavisint SL 75 FL

Pavisint SL 75 FL is the ideal choice for high performance floating sports flooring that resolves all the many problems caused by decks…

Pavisint SL 75 PM

Pavisint SL 75 PM is a multi-purpose combined sports floor with rubber mat realised by casting the granule ….

Pavisint SL 75 RB

Pavisint SL 75 RB is a “sandwich” sports flooring system that is designed for athletics tracks and multipurpose surfaces…

Polyurethane Pavisint SL 75 AS

Pavisint SL 75 AS is the Pavisint SL 75 version with an anti-skid finish, guaranteed by a formula containing mineral fillers for outdoor applications.

Polyurethane Pavisint Premium

Polyurethane Premium Ideal for multipurpose sports floorings. The Premium system consists of polyurethane resins with EPDM…

Pavisint Ribosint

Ribosint is designed for the realisation of indoor and outdoor bowls courts and is a polyurethane resin based system with EPDM granule finish….

Two-component epoxy resin based dustproof consolidating agent and primer in water dispersion used as a primer when…..