Polysport Acrylic Surface Coating

Our newly finished project at Northern Bay College Corio consisted of base repair works to the existing asphalt surface and our new Polysport Acrylic Surface Coating.

Base works were undertaken as well as pressure cleaning and grinding and patch filling to existing low spots. We then applied two (2) soft base priming coats. The first coat was used to eliminate and repair the existing asphalt voids, followed by the second coat to level out the entire 1,100m2 surface. To finish, two (2) Polysport coats were then applied in Casali Red & Yellow with white line marking for Basketball.

Casali sports Coatings Australia

Casali Sport

The sports courts were laid by the specialised company APTC Australia.

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  • Client – Northern Bay College
  • Category – Sports Coatings
  • Date – January 2018