Waterstop ACR 300

APTC Waterstop ACR 300 is a flexible acrylic polymer expanding waterstop bar used for the sealing of construction joints to prevent the infiltration of moisture and water in both vertical and horizontal joints.

Waterstop ACR 300

Areas of Use

  • Construction joints
  • Precast panels
  • Tunnels
  • Culverts and pits
  • Retaining walls
  • Basements
  • Wall to base connections
  • Penetrations & pipe entry systems


  • Waterstop ACR 300 is light weight rolls
  • Waterstop ACR 300 is flexible and conformable to irregular substrates
  • Waterstop ACR 300 is simple installation allowing for continuous waterstop
  • Waterstop ACR 300 is capable of expanding up to 300% of original size
  • Waterstop ACR 300 will swell in salt water
  • Waterstop ACR is no hardening time required
  • Waterstop ACR 300  is permanent installation unaffected by repeated drying and re wetting.
  • Waterstop ACR 300 shrinks to original size when wet – expands upon rewetting

Technical Data Sheet

APTC Waterstop ACR 300 TDS

Safety Data Sheet

APTC Waterstop ACR 300 SDS

Hydrophilic Waterstop Tape Melbourne

Hydrophilic waterstop tape is designed to prevent water from leaking from or into concrete structures by swelling when it is in contact with water and creating an impenetrable barrier. A hydrophilic strip water stop can be used for multiple purposes, including protecting systems from the wear and tear of a constant water flow and maintaining the desired structural integrity. In contrast, The hydrophilic waterstops can be fixed with swelling tape adhesive.

High-performance acrylic polymer-based Hydrophilic Waterstop tape. It can expand up to 900% when in contact with water. In an arid state, swellable waterstops will shrink to their original installation dimension and re-expand on wetting. APTC Australia offers various high-quality and cost-effective hydrophilic swelling waterstop, which can be applied as tapes or hydrophilic strips or as gun-grade caulk using a caulking gun for a speedy installation procedure.

Hydrophilic Waterstop is used in concrete construction to seal construction joints, including wall-to-base connections, pipe entry systems, and sealing of openings and interface sections between existing and new concrete.