Imper Sintofoil ST

Synthetic waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding a uniform UV resistant elastomerized TPO/FPA thermoplastic olefin and flexible polypropylene alloy.

The membrane features contrasting colours on its upper and lower faces, providing a signal layer so that any damage occurring during or after installation will be immediately apparent.

SINTOFOIL ST membranes comply with CE marking requirements where applicable.

Imper Sintofoil ST

Areas of Use

SINTOFOIL ST membranes are designed specifically for:

  • Adhesive bonded waterproofing on exposed roofing (can also be bonded with bitumen).
  • Renewing and rejuvenating waterproof bitumen covering materials. (4) Waterproofing layers applied independently under heavy-duty fixed or movable protection for: – Roofing exposed to foot and vehicular traffic and roof gardens
  • Mechanically retained waterproofing on exposed roofs.

Note: Given the versatility and reliability of SINTOFOIL membranes, other applications can be developed with the assistance of the APTC Australia’s Technical Services.


The elastomeric-thermoplastic polymer provides the Sintofoil membrane with specific properties which make it suitable for all types of waterproofing.

  • Easy field assembly
  • The polyefin nature of Sintofoil allows for hot air seam welding of adjoining sheets.
  • High ageing resistance.
  • A chemically inert material with no plasticisers, Sintofoil remains intact over time.
  • Environment-friendly and totally recyclable
  • .Sintofoil’s base polymer includes only carbon and hydrogen. There are no polluting elements such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals.
  • Compatibility with bitumen and related products.
  • Elastomerised polyolefins as found in Sintofoil membranes have been used for years as part of Imper’s polymerbitumen membrane compounds.

Available Colours

  • Grey
  • Custom colours available – Contact APTC Australia

Technical Data Sheet

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