Rubber Sintofoil RG

Product Description

Synthetic waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding a UV resistant elastomerized TPO/FPA thermoplastic olefin and flexible polypropylene alloy with a glass fibre reinforcing mat that makes it dimensionally stable.

The membrane features contrasting colours on its upper and lower faces, providing a signal layer so that any damage occurring during or after installation will be immediately apparent.

Membrane is also available in the Sintofoil ST/FB version, with nonwoven polyester fabric bonded to the lower face.

SINTOFOIL RG membranes comply with CE marking requirements where applicable.

Areas of Use

SINTOFOIL RG membranes are designed specifically for:

  • Waterproofing layers applied independently under heavy-duty fixed or movable protection for).
    1. Roofing exposed to foot and vehicular traffic
    2. Roof gardens
  • Mechanically retained waterproofing for:
    1. Exposed roofs
  • Adhesive bonded waterproofing on exposed roofing (RG/FB).

Note: Given the versatility and reliability of SINTOFOIL membranes, other applications can be developed with the assistance of the APTC Australia’s Technical Services.


The elastomeric-thermoplastic polymer provides the Sintofoil membrane with specific properties which make it suitable for all types of waterproofing.

  • Easy field assembly
  • The polyefin nature of Sintofoil allows for hot air seam welding of adjoining sheets.
  • High ageing resistance
  • A chemically inert material with no plasticisers, Sintofoil remains intact over time.
  • Environment-friendly and totally recyclable
  • Sintofoil’s base polymer includes only carbon and hydrogen. There are no polluting elements such as chlorine, lead or other heavy metals.
  • Compatibility with bitumen and related products
  • Elastomerised polyolefins as found in Sintofoil membranes have been used for years as part of Imper’s polymerbitumen membrane compounds.

Available Colours

  • Grey
  • Custom colours available – Contact APTC Australia

Technical Data Sheet

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