PVC Sheet Membrane

Product Description

Flexible synthetic membrane in plasticized vinyl chloride (PVC-P), obtained through a co-extrusion process and indicated for the waterproofing of tunnels and underground structures. The membrane is manufactured in two different colours in order to identify the damages on the membrane during application.

High mechanical properties, resistance to microorganisms present in soil. Resistance to low temperatures.

Areas of Use

EUROFLEX V membrane, due to its particular flexibility and softness is indicated for the waterproofing of underground structures not exposed to direct UV rays.

  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Natural and artificial tunnels
  • Roof Gardens & Planter Boxes

Note: Given the versatility and reliability of EUROFLEX V membranes, other applications can be developed with the assistance of APTC Australia’s Technical Services.


The plasticized vinyl chloride provides the Euroflex membrane with specific properties which make it suitable for most types of waterproofing.

  • Easy field assembly
  • Root resistant.
  • High puncture and impact resistance
  • Provides excellent visual feedback on completion.
  • Compatibility with bitumen and related products

Available Colours

  • Grey

Technical Data Sheet

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