Acryroof Plus

Acryroof Plus is a one-component liquid membrane in water emulsion. The special formulation makes it resistant to water pooling, making it the perfect choice for waterproofing flat roofs, terraces, and balconies or repairing old membranes (after a coating of primer Acrybase S). After curing, Acryroof Plus becomes a seamless waterproofing membrane, whose elastic behaviour follows the micro-movements caused by thermal stress of the deck: in the case of strong mechanical stress, use reinforcement Acryfelt T1 which should be soaked and impregnated with Acryroof Plus in order to improve the mechanical properties. When applying the product on perimeter and expansion joints, we strongly recommended the use of the CasaBand SA (elastic reinforcement tape). Thanks to its excellent resistance to ageing and ultraviolet rays, Acryroof Plus requires no additional protection. The resulting deck may be walked on for normal maintenance works. The product cannot be used to paint swimming pools and/or drinking water tanks and reservoirs. When laid on terraces and balconies, the ceramic covering may be glued directly on the deck with a glue suitable for outdoor application (C2), without laying a concrete screed (Acryroof Plus is tested as under tile waterproofing in compliance with EN14891: 2012. Please contact the Waterproofing Technical Department at APTC Australia 1300 394 239 for further assistance.


Product Base: WATER BASED

Performance certificates: CE Mark


Resin type: SYNTHETIC


Available Colours

This product is available in the following colours & finishes.

  • Light Grey
  • Red – Special order
  • Green – Special order
  • White – Special order

Technical Data Sheet

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