Polytop is a two-component paint consisting of solvent-based aliphatic polyurethane resins that make the product highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, wear and chemical agents such as oils, fats and hydrocarbons. Polytop may be used as a coloured protective anti-abrasion, scratchproof and UV screening paint for polyurethane or epoxy resin waterproofing and/or floors (industrial, commercial, finish etc.). After using the product as primer, Polytop may also be applied as a protective, scratchproof finish and/or top finish even on ceramic, metal or cement decks (we suggest you contact the Waterproofing Technical Department at APTC Australia 1300 394 239 for further assistance). Decks painted with Polytop are perfectly seamless ensuring complete hygiene and easy cleaning; the perfect choice for public toilets or in any case areas subject to constant use (such as gyms etc.), kitchens, offices and workplaces. Polytop is available on request as a special order in the AS version (non-slip) and, in this case, the special synthetic filler AS which ensures good grip even in the case of damp surfaces and should be added when mixing the product. The filler used in Polytop AS improves its non-slip properties without making the deck more difficult to clean. 





Available Colours

This product is available in the following colours & finishes.

  • Iron Grey
  • Stone Grey 
  • Please refer to colour chart for special order colours
Colour Chart

Technical Data Sheet