Dampshield PU

Product Description

Bostik Dampshield PU is one-part bitumen modified (coal tar free), moisture curing, polyurethane membrane. When cured it provides a tough highly elastomeric, impervious barrier to moisture.

Areas of Use

As a positive side membrane on:

  • Below grade concrete & masonry walls and footings
  • Concrete & masonry basement walls and footings
  • Concrete & masonry retaining walls and footings
  • Internal Planter box walls and floors graded to drainage


  • Coal tar free
  • No mixing
  • Early access for following trades
  • Brush, roller or trowel applied
  • Does not brittle with age
  • Excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces
  • Non re-emulsifying
  • High elasticity

Available Colours


Technical Data Sheet

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