RLA 2 Part

2 PART is a cementitious, two part waterproofing membrane 2 PART is based on high alumina, fast setting cements and is mixed with a high solids water resistant pure acrylic. 2 PART combines the fast drying and excellent adhesion characteristics of traditional 2 part membranes with the excellent toughness, elongation and flexibility of modern acrylic membranes.2 PART has been designed to pass all of the requirements of AS4654.1:2012 for class II waterproofing membranes.

RLA 2 Part Cementitious Membrane

Areas of Application

Designed for use as an under tile membrane on balconies, roofs as well as some swimming pools. 2 PART has excellent adhesion to concrete, cement screeds and most F/C sheet and is used together with RLA Peel N’ Stick Tape for maximum performance and ease of use.

Acceptable Substrates For Waterproofing

  • Concrete after curing period of 28 days
  • Masonry / render after curing period of at least 7 days
  • Cement sheeting/underlay
  • Pre-cast concrete once release agent has been removed/ dissipated
  • Wet area plasterboard / Villaboard
  • Structural Plywood Type A (PAA JAS-ANZ)
  • Brickwork ,Hebel (aggregate block)

Technical Data Sheet