Product Description

Thick self-adhesive prefabricated waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding layers of special selected bitumen based compounds modified with elasto-thermoplastic polymers with a non-woven stabilized composite polyester reinforcing mat located midway through the membrane’s thickness and acting in total synergy with the waterproofing compound.

The membrane’s lower face is treated with special adhesion-promoting additives that guarantee a tenacious bond between the bituminous compound and the substrate, and is backed with a silicone-treated release liner which is removed at the time of application. The upper face is coated with TERMOTENE® film.

BLACK HP STICKER membranes are produced in 2 and 3 mm thick versions and comply with CE marking requirements where applicable. They contain no asbestos, tar or other dangerous substances..

Areas of Use

They are used on substratesthat are readily flammable or otherwise damaged by flame (e.g., wood, heat-sensitive thermal insulation, etc.). For membrane versions to be used in roofing, foundation and below-grade applications, see the table below. For detailed documentation and guidance regarding product application, consult our Technical Services


BLACK HP STICKER membranes are ideal for use as a first layer in built-up multi-ply waterproofing systems, where they reduce installation costs, as they are self-adhesive and thus save time and gas during application.

Available Colours

  • Black

Technical Data Sheet

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