Product Description

TEKNOGUM Series prefabricated waterproofing membranes are produced from an elasto-plastomeric bitumen-polymer base compound co-extruded with a sized non-woven polyester fabric reinforcement mat with lengthwise mineral fibres embedded in the membrane.

Areas of Use

TEKNOGUM Series membranes are available in 3 and 4 mm thick versions with a talc-treated upper face, or with the upper face surfaced with slate chippings in three grades: 3.5, 4 and 4.5 kg/m2.

Faces may also be treated with the proprietary TEXTENE® finish, a special preformed textured polymer fibre film which enhances the product, improving durability and appearance.

Specified instead of the standard talc treatment, the optional TEXTENE® finish ensures that membranes are cleaner to work with and release less dust into the environment, and can be over coated with ELASTOMUL and PARWENOL 4822. Aluminium series protective paints. With the TEXTENE® finish, protective treatments adhere better and are more easily applied, increasing the service life of both the membrane and the protective coating.

As a further benefit, paint coatings can be applied immediately after the membrane is installed, thus saving time and reducing labour costs.

The lower face is coated with TERMOTENE film, which facilitates application and improves membrane adhesion to the substrate to be waterproofed.

TEKNOGUM Series membranes are supplied in strapped rolls, each accompanied by a Quality Control Certificate. They comply with CE marking requirements where applicable, and contain no asbestos, tar or other dangerous substances.


TEKNOGUM Series membranes are ideal for waterproofing applications of all kinds. For membrane versions to be used in roofing, foundation and below-grade applications.

Available Colours

  • Grey Mineral Chip

Technical Data Sheet

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