Structural Spacer Tape

Dow Corning Spacer Tapes for Structural Glazing is specially formulated for many outdoor mounting and joining application, including spacer tape for structural glazing. It has especially excellent bonding strength and high holding power on LSE (low surface energy) materials such as PVDF coated panel without primer in most cases.

Structural spacer tape


  • Meets ASTM D-3330 (90°Peel); Strong Adhesion Performance
  • Meets ASTM D-1002; High Dynamic Shear Strength
  • Meets ASTM D-897 Meets ASTM D-3654; High Static Shear Performance
  • Pre-Approved with all Dow Corning Façade products
  • Compatible to SG, IG, WS Silicones from Dow Corning

Available Sizes

  • 3.2mm x 9mm x 7.3m
  • 3.2mm x 12mm x 7.3m
  • 4.8mm x 9mm x 7.3m
  • 4.8mm x 12mm x 7.3m
  • 6.4mm x 6mm x 7.3m
  • 6.4mm x 9mm x 7.3m
  • 6.4mm x 12mm x 7.3m
  • 9.5mm x 9mm x 7.3m
  • (please contact us for custom sizes)

Technical Data Sheet