Structural spacer tape
Masking Tape
Husky Acribond Tape
Clear Packaging Tape
Protection Tapes
Single Weave Filament Tape Photo
Mirror Tapes

APTC Australia stocks a wide variety of tapes to suit most applications from specialist adhesion to basic protection tapes. Sourced from industry and market leaders, our range includes the following:

  • Structural Spacer tapes designed for structural glazing applications where tape is required to hold the glass to the frame whilst structural silicone cures.
  • Acribond tapes which are very high strength, double sided tapes for fixing composite building panels and wall cladding including Alucobond
  • Protection tapes including masking, render and PVC protection tape for glaziers
  • Mirror tapes for the permanent adhesion of mirrors to walls and other surfaces
  • Filament tapes for heavy duty sealing and strapping
  • Packaging tapes including duct tape

Our specialist Dowsil Structural Spacer tape and Acribond tape is available in a variety of standard sizes and widths to suit every need. If your project requires Structural Spacer tape or Acribond tape to non-standard sizes, APTC Australia can promptly slit the tape to suit your project requirements.