Simson Prep M is a “Wash Prep’/ Cleaner and Adhesion Promoter for SMP-based Simson products, pretreating a variety of substrates such as ceramic coated glass, plain aluminium, steel, lacquered and powdercoated metals, and GRP.

Dow Corning 1200 OS Primer

Dow Corning® 1200 OS Primer is used to improve adhesion and accelerate adhesion build-up of silicone sealants to various substrates. This moisture curing primer is supplied as a dilute solution of reactive materials in low viscosity siloxane.

Bostik N49 Primer

Bostik N49 Primer is a primer designed for use with the Bostik polyurethane sealant range to ensure adhesion to porous substrates, particularly with water immersed applications.

Bostik N40 Primer

Bostik N40 Primer is a clear, non-staining solvent-based primer/cleaner for promoting the adhesion of polyurethane sealants, acrylic sealants and waterproof membrane systems to non-porous substrates.