Dow Corning 791

Product Description

Dow Corning® 791 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant is a one-part, neutral cure, architectural grade sealant. It easily extrudes in any weather and cures at ambient temperature by reaction with moisture in the air to form a durable, flexible silicone rubber seal.

Areas of Use

Dow Corning® 791 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant is a specified, premium performance weather sealing product specifically designed for general glazing and weather sealing in curtain wall and building facades.


  • Ideal for expansion, connection, perimeter and other movement joint
  • Neutral cure – suitable for use on coated glass, galvanized steel, masonry and other porous and nonporous substrates
  • Extension/compression movement capability of up to ±50 percent of the original joint width

Available Colours

This product is available in 6 colors:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Bronze
  • Limestone
  • Precast white
  • White

Please contact APTC Australia as your local Technical Dow Corning Supplier for availability.

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