One Part Structural Silicone Sealants

One Part Structural Silicone Sealants are predominately designed for structural glazing. Structural glazing is a method utilising a silicone sealant as an adhesive to attach glass, metal, or other panel materials to the external structure of a building – also sometimes known as a curtain wall.

Wind load and other impact loads on the façade are transferred from the glass or panel, through the structural silicone sealant to the structure of the building. The silicone sealant must maintain its adhesive and cohesive strength on the facade when subjected to wind loads and thermal stresses.

The one part structural silicone sealant packaging options allow for more flexibility of use by the installer, as the silicone can be conveniently used on building sites with minimal fuss.

Dow Corning 795 One Part Structural Silicone Sealants

Dow Corning® 795 Silicone Building Sealant is a one-part, neutral-cure, architectural-grade sealant that easily extrudes in any weather and cures quickly at room temperature.

Dow Corning 995

Dow Corning® 995 Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant is a one-component neutral-curing silicone sealant designed specifically for structural bonding applications of glass and metal ….

Bostik V70 One Part Structural Silicone Sealants

Bostik V70 is a high-performance architectural grade structural glazing silicone. One component, non-flowing, Neutral cure, High modulus sealant. It cures by absorption of atmospheric moisture to form a flexible and durable elastomeric sealant.

Bostik V60 Structural Silicone 300ml

Bostik V60 is a high performance architectural grade Glazing silicone. One component, non flowing, Neutral cure, High modulus sealant.