Bostik FireBan Acrylic

Bostik Fireban® Acrylic is a single component, non-sag, fire rated sealant that has been designed specifically for Australian conditions and has the in service range of -20°C to +90°C. In addition, it provides excellent noise reduction and sound absorption acoustic capabilities.

Fireban® Acrylic is a highly cost effective solution for internal fire rated applications and has been tested alongside many market leading FR wall component manufacturers.

Bostik Fireban® Acrylic Fire Rated Sealant

Recommended Uses

  • Sealing of gaps around pipes, cables, ducts and services which penetrate fire rated walls and floors
  • Installation of fire rated sealant in concrete walls and floors, and plasterboard walls
  • Excellent unprimed adhesion to metal, wood, plasterboard, concrete and masonry

Product Details

  • Fire resistance – Up to 4 hours tested in accordance with AS 1530.4
  • Ideal for electrical cables, metal pipes, cable trays, and control joints
  • Internal application only
  • Cost effective
  • STC acoustic rating 60 in plasterboard
  • Water resistant after cure

Internal application only

  • STA Acoustic rating 60 in plasterboard