Dow Corning Two Part Structural Silicone

Two-Part Structural Silicone Sealants are designed as a high-performance architectural-grade sealant. These types of sealants are suitable for use where dual structural and weatherseal applications are desired, with up to ± 25% movement capability in a well-designed weatherseal. Once cured, these structural sealants form a durable, flexible and watertight bond.

Typical applications include substrates such as:

  • Glass
  • Façade Curtain Walls

These products are currently available at APTC Australia in bulk drums and twin cartridge dispensing packaging. APTC Australia has a number of these two component-dispensing machines for use with the product obtained from APTC Australia for your next project. 

The Dow Chemical Company acknowledges APTC Australia as it’s technical service specialist and distributor of Dowsil™ products in Australia. Click here to see the attached letter. APTC Australia has over 25 years of experience with structural glazing projects in Australia from design to contract works stage. APTC Australia can also supply you with Dow Corning Spacer Tape for Structural Glazing Projects.

Dow Corning Two Part Structural Silicone

Two Part Structural Silicone
Two Part Structural Silicone-2
Two Part Structural Silicone

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Two part structural glazing silicones, which are designed for factory glazing of curtain wall facade projects.