RLA Fairing Coat Mortar

Fairing Coat Mortar is a fine textured, fast setting formulated for repair of damaged concrete where only a thin layer is required.  The specially selected cement and polymer contain Fairing Coat Mortar produce a fast setting mortar with exceptional adhesion to concrete and masonry materials with negligible shrinkage. Fairing Coat Mortar cures to an exceptionally smooth textured surface that does not reflect through subsequent applied architectural coatings.

RLA Fairing Coat Mortar

Features And Benefits

  • Fast setting
  • Smooth textured surface – smooth finish can be achieved
  • Excellent bond to concrete – high bond strength to concrete
  • Easy to use – simply add water
  • Durable repair
  • Excellent workability
  • Can be over coated with  conventional surface coatings
  • Can be left exposed as finished final coat
  • Australian Made


  • GREY

Recommended Uses

  • Fairing Coat Mortar can be applied up to 5mm in a single application.
  • Fairing Coat to infill over surface imperfections  on concrete
  • Repair to defects in concrete surface
  • For use of vertical application
  • Can be applied over other RLA/Aftek mortars to produce a smooth uniform surface
  • Stand alone or left exposed application that does not require an additional coating
  • Internal and external application