Aptc-Patch patching and concrete repairing

APTC Light Weight Patch is a grey coloured patching mortar with excellent adhesion to most substrates.


TIFLEX-GP is a multipurpose non-shrink Class A cementitious grout complying with requirements of SAA MP20 part 3.

waterplug 800

A rapid setting, cementitious mortar, specifically formulated for sealing running water leaks in concrete structures.

RLA Penapatch High Build Repair Mortar HB Concrete Repair

Penapatch High Build HB is a high strength; high build shrinkage compensated polymer modified repair mortar. Penapatch High Build HB is designed to be used for vertical and overhead applications.

RLA Penapatch Structural Repair Mortar HB80 Concrete Repair

Penapatch Structural HB80 is a high strength; high build shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar. Structural HB80 is designed to be used for vertical or horizontal applications.

RLA Fairing Coat Mortar

Fairing Coat Mortar is a fine textured, fast setting formulated for repair of damaged concrete where only a thin layer is required.

RLA Penapatch LW Repair Mortar

Penapatch Panel LW is a fine filled  fire rated , polymer modified, cementitious mortar, specifically formulated to provide cover for joiner plates in tilt slab or pre-cast construction.

RLA Epilox Epoxy Resin Binder

Epilox Epoxy Binder is a two part solvent free epoxy resin binder system for combining with selected fillers and aggregate to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies.

RLA Rendergrip A concrete repair

Rendergrip A is a milky white, single component acrylic emulsion. Rendergrip A is the recommended primer, bonding agent and curing compound for use with RLA & Aftek’s range of concrete repair systems.

RLA Rendergrip B concrete repair

Rendergrip B is a thixotropic acrylic bonding agent and primer as part of Aftek’s repair compound package.
It is specifically used where a high build repair mortar is required.

RLA Universal Primer Australia

Universal Primer is a rapid drying solvent free low VOC water based acrylic primer. For use over porous and non porous substrates such as ceramic tiles.