Adhesives are non-metallic materials used to bond two or more substrates at their surface and can be classified as structural or nonstructural. Structural adhesives are able to support heavy loads, whereas nonstructural adhesives cannot. They rely on the anchoring properties of the interaction of chemical bonds and intermolecular forces which hold together the adhesive with the substrate (adhesion) and the adhesive itself (cohesion).

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Several advantages and uses of adhesives are:

  • Joint substrates with different sizes, geometries and composition such as; plastics, glass, metals can successfully adhere.
  • Protection against corrosion while still performing its sealing function.
  • Noise and vibration reduction as well as improved flexibility within the union of the joint.
  • The substrate or structure is not damaged or compromised during the adhesion process.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the product design.

They can be classified according to their intended use of purpose or by their chemical type. APTC Australia can provide you with assistance in adhesives for the following applications; flooring, cabinetry, woodworking, industrial, automotive, marine and DIY projects. We also supply tapes and glues for packaging purposes in Melbourne

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