Bitumen – Polymer Membranes

Bituminous Primer

Protective top coats for waterproofing products

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IMPER ITALIA S.p.A. an Italian company was established in Torino in 1936, producing water repellent compounds, sealants and bituminous emulsions for waterproofing roofs, foundations, reservoirs, dikes, canals and other types of construction. Subsequently, the company responded to growing market demand with a range of special coatings designed to protect large-scale steel structures such as viaducts, tanks, penstocks and pipelines from corrosion.
Next, these IMPER ITALIA S.p.A protective products and systems were joined by compounds for protecting, maintaining and repairing concrete. Throughout this period, the company continued to expand, becoming one of the world’s leading producers of bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes in the Sixties, and of synthetic thermoplastic olefin and elastomerized flexible polypropylene alloy (TPO/FPA) membranes in the Nineties. All of the IMPER ITALIA S.p.A are manufactured in their plant based in Torino/Turin Italy.

The joint venture agreement for distribution throughout Australia of these remarkable systems is now in the hands of APTC Australia.

APTC Australia has trained personnel who personally attended the IMPER ITALIA S.p.A school of Waterproofing and Application Techniques at the IMPER ITALIA S.p.A factory in Turin/Torino.

APTC Australia has the technical appreciation and fully understands the application detail of all the IMPER ITALIA S.p.A systems.

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