Green Roof Australia

APTC are an industry leader in the supply and installation of Green Roof Systems in Melbourne.

Green Roofing is rapidly becoming a sought-after solution to provide environmentally friendly areas within our cities in Australia. With the capital cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and particularly Melbourne and Sydney becoming more densely populated, architects and town planners are turning to the green rooftop Australia to provide much-needed Green space.

Green Roof

Green Roof System and Green Rooftop Melbourne

 Benefits of Green Roof Melbourne

The benefits of an APTC Green Roof go beyond just the Green space. First of all the properties of the membranes and the covering soil result in more efficient heating and cooling of the building. They also include the filtering of CO2 gasses giving a cleaner air quality for our city dwellers to breathe. An extra side benefit of Green Roofing is the provision of a social setting for urban dwellers to get together in a friendly atmosphere right where they live.

ABC Gardening Show

A wonderful example of this was featured on the ABC TV show Gardening Australia.  Here APTC used their extensive industry and technical knowledge to supply the correct internationally approved sheet membranes. Then they provided the skills required to install the complete project to ensure a trouble free Green Roof. You can watch the Gardening Australia episode from the link on this page.

ABC Gardening

Green Roof System Melbourne

38 Westbury Street

APTC provides the experience and the technical knowledge to assist right from the concept of the project through the planning stages working with the planners and architects to help prevent difficulties in the later stages. Their expert project managers will recommend the appropriate membranes and installation procedures to help guide the process to a successful finish. Then APTC’s experienced team of installers use their industry know how to interface with the managing builders and the other trades so that the Green roof projects Melbourne installation is professionally managed.

As part of their process APTC use ILDTM (International Leak Detection) technology to ensure all work is completed to meet and exceed all the relevant standards.