Casali OlympiaCasali Olympia

Casali Olympia A Plastomeric bituminous membrane, ideal for multilayer waterproofing applications, in the field of residential, industrial and prefabricated roofing, with or without insulation.

Olympia is reinforced with a polyester fabric of good mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability. The membrane consists of a modified bitumen (APP) and copolymer based compound. Additionally, has a wide thermal operating range (-10°C/+130°C), for perfect adhesion to different types of decks (reinforced concrete, wood, metal).


  • Performance certificates : CE Mark
  • Compound : APP
  • Flexibility at low temperature : -10°C
  • Flow resistance at elevated temperature : 130°C
  • Reinforcement : POLYESTER (nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads), POLYESTER SP (spunbond nonwoven polyester reinforced with fiberglass threads)
  • Upper finish : SAND, SLATE
  • Bottom finish : POLYETHYLENE

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Available Colours

This product is available in the following colours & finishes.

Natural Slate


Bourgogne slate

Special Order

Dark Brown Slate

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Green Slate

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Red Slate

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White Slate

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Olympia White Slate