Elmich BlogThe benefits of using Elmich pod pedestals and drainage systems

The hidden benefits of using Elmich pod pedestal and drainage systems

Pedestals or simply ‘pods’ are engineered from a strong but equally light weight plastic and are designed to replace traditional paving methods that are reliant upon sand and a screed bed. The concept of the engineering has advantages for drainage and waterproofing whereby the pavers are placed upon the plastic pods instead of being adhered to the substrate.

Elmich pod pedestal

This simple concept enables cost savings in creating screed beds, allows water to drain away through the open grout lines, and perhaps most importantly, gives the installer the opportunity to revisit the waterproofing in case of any leaks or breaches. Placing pavers upon pods has further cost saving benefits in terms of labour and installation, as well as providing a discreet method for the placement of service cables and an improvement in heat and sound installation.

Elmich are one of the world leaders in well-engineered pod and drainage systems. Their systems have been used throughout Australia, and Asia and have featured in some of the highest profile constructions in Melbourne over the last few years. APTC Australia distributes Elmich in Victoria and have worked closely with them on a number of large-scale projects.

With the ability to install paved areas as well as timber decks, Elmich’s pod range features both the “Versijack” as well as the “Versipave”. Versipave is especially designed for installing pavers while Versijack has the capabilities to be used with decks and paver installs.

Elmich pod pedestal
Elmich pod pedestal and drainage systems
benefits of using Elmich pod pedestal and drainage systems

447 Collins Street, “Collins Arc” was a recent high-profile job in the Melbourne CBD that used VersiJack. With large 1200mm x 600mm pavers, Elmich was chosen for its design strength at all heights, as well as its cost effectiveness and ease of installation. The VersiJack screwjack system offered the flexibility needed to complete the project which featured a raised deck on each floor of the upper levels. Both the developer and installer were very satisfied with the outcome.

For more information on the Elmich products including Verispave and Versijack please visit our website or contact our office 1300 394 239

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